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Fitness Haven is a mobile, in home personal training service that helps empower individuals to improve and strengthen their overall health.  Fitness Haven provides personalized meal plans, nutritional guidance, customized exercise programs and makes suggestions for equipment modifications that will help target fundamental movements, improving its client’s overall health and ability to perform daily tasks. Through exercise modification, Fitness Haven not only works with clients who want to lose weight or build muscles but will work with people who have some form of physical disability as well as those who have mobility issues.  Services are provided as in-home sessions, video conference calls or at an alternate location of client’s choice. These sessions allow you to improve your mobility and independence to have a better quality of life, improve your cognitive function, and to become more confident and happy.

Fitness Haven

About The Owner:

Haven Kramer

Haven Kramer is a young, up and coming entrepreneur. At the age of 16, Haven found a love for fitness due to how fitness changed his life. Haven was diagnosed with left-hemi cerebral palsy as a small child. A condition that affects body movement and muscle coordination. Due to his disability, certain daily tasks were difficult to do. When he was introduced to fitness, he saw a dramatic improvement in his overall health. Being able to do things that he was not able to do before. Because of his results, Haven decided to go to school for Fitness & Health Promotions and became a CSEP Certified Personal Trainer with a lot of nutritional experience. His goal is to empower individuals like himself to improve their health, as well as motivate others who don't have a disability to also improve their health. Haven is a driven and determined person who is ready to enable people and their world.

The Owner
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